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March 22, 2020
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A Review of Mace Defense Spray

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When it comes to self defense products, mace is practically a household name. Chances are you have heard of mace more than any other self defense product, which is why you are considering buying some. However, is Mace really that effective? Does it carry its weight or does it buckle under the pressure. Below is a review of Mace defense spray and and a comparison of how it holds up against the competition.

What is Mace Defense Spray?

Mace sprays are self defense products created through Mace International, who are known for their self defense and security products. Most of these sprays contain a unique combination of two ingredients. The first ingredient is OC pepper spray, which is an extremely effective inflammatory which cause the eyes to shut, the throat to swell causing uncontrollable choking, intense burning sensations to the face and skin, and the nose to run. The second ingredient is CS tear gas, which cause almost immediate tearing of the eyes and disorientation. The combined affects of both of these components makes for a very effective self defense weapon.

Mace Defense Spray Pros

What makes Mace an excellent option is the sheer variety of products they have. They have everything from key chains, weights, and sprays to foams and gels which engulf the face and become more painful as time goes on. Their sprays come in a wide variety of sizes for easy access and convenience. Mace also carries brands for animals such as bears and dogs, which are specifically formulated to work effectively against these animals. They even have state-specific sprays, such as Michigan approved sprays which meet the requirements of the state laws in these areas. Their sprays are also usually affordable compared to other sprays.

Mace Defense Spray Cons

Without question, all mace products are of good to excellent quality, and all of them work well. However, when it comes to some of their products, it can be said that there are other brands that are more effective. High concentrations of OC pepper spray are what make some of these products more appealing. Mace has only a concentration of 10%, which is more than enough to get the job done, and makes up for it with the CS tear gas component. However, it can be argued that these other brands with higher concentrations may have longer effects. The brands are usually used by law enforcement and security. With that in mind, don't think for a minute that mace can not get the job done.

Final Thoughts

Is mace defense spray the absolute best out there? Several things have to be taken into account to truly answer that question. When it comes to its sheer variety of products, convenience and overall price, it cannot be beat. While it is the best brand for certain products, better options can be found for other products. All of their products, including the ones that may not be the best in their class, have still been proven to work well against assailants. Mace spray accomplishes what it sets out to do, and that is render attackers helpless. It's hard to go wrong with such reasonable prices.


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