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May 1, 2020
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Animal Shipping: What You Should Know

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There are many different situations which may call for the necessity to ship an animal either across the country or across the globe. Shipping animals has become quite common but you should always be aware of the laws that are in place where the animal is being shipped to and from. Laws vary not only from state to state, but different countries have varying laws about animal shipping.

Documentation and licensing is normally required regardless of where you are shipping the animal. Be sure they are up to date on vaccinations as well as any that may be required in the receiving state or country. You must be able to prove that the animal has had the required vaccinations and tests. If you do not have these, major snarls are caused which adds stress to both you and the animal being shipped.

Safety of the animal should be priority when shipping. Often, depending on the type of animal and the situation, they are sedated to ease anxiety. Some animals react more negatively to travel than others. You should make sure that the animal is safe and comfortable during the trip. There are special guidelines according to where the pet is going as well. Again, know the laws and regulations that apply where you are shipping the animal to and from. If possible, you will want to allow enough space for the animal to be safely contained and yet have some movement. This is especially true for long trips and domestic animals.

Airlines normally have the information needed concerning the laws of different locations but you may want to contact the area directly to find out the information you need. The animal's safety is of the utmost importance. Most often, it is a family pet that is being shipped but that is not always the case. Because human interaction is important to domesticated animals, you will need to consider the length of time the animal will be travelling and whether they should be sedated.

Animal cargo is handled according to the protocol of the airline (or other mode of transportation used). If the animal is a pet, you will want to make sure they are fed, hydrated, comfortable, safe and dry every leg of the journey. You may want to speak with others who have shipped an animal to find out what you and the animal can expect. More often than not, animal shipping goes off without a hitch and everything ends well. You will want to do everything in your power to make sure this happens. Follow instructions exactly to avoid delays and stressors to you and the animal.

Laws vary so widely that it is impossible to list every precaution that may be necessary. As long as the law is followed and precautions are taken to ensure a comfortable and safe trip for the animal, there should be no problems. Shipping animals is done every day globally so there are many people who have the experience upon which you can learn.


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