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June 25, 2020
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Good Cat Toys - Time To Play

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Cats are prey chasing and killing animals by instinct. They can chase toys instead of prey and their instincts will be fulfilled. Toys relieve boredom, are good for exercise, and indoor cats, especially need toys. If you play with your cat, with his toys, the friendship grows. Getting a pole toy with leather tassels is a good idea. This is an interactive toy that you can enjoy with your feline friend.

When buying cat toys avoid any with eyes that come off or that have strings, feathers, ribbons and such that could detach. Also, don't buy any stuffed with nutshells and polystyrene beads as these toys could be ripped open and your cat chew and swallow these items and choke or get sick.

Toys with catnip filling are fun toys for your cat, though a kitten under six months of age may not be interested. There are a variety of catnip toys; some are shaped like cigars, bananas, and fish.

Different types of mouse toys are available for cats like furry ones, lazar ones, interactive mice, and squeaky mice. Balls are favorite toys for cats. Some examples are: lattice balls, tumbling balls, balls with LED, balls that glow and have bells in them, and mini tennis balls. You can find balls for cats that come in assortment packs. Different kinds of puffballs are fun for cats to play with like puffballs with a mouse, puffballs with bells, and plain puffballs.

An innovative idea to let your indoor cat go outside and still be safe from harm is the kitty walk. This gizmo attaches to kitty doors and stretches out ten feet into the yard. It is a combination toy and exercise item. You can even make it longer by getting two of them. Various kinds of cat tunnels are available and some fold up to store. These enclosures are very appealing to felines, as they naturally like to hide and play in closed areas.

Cats really like dangling toys that they can bat around, but make sure the dangling parts are connected securely to the toy as your cat could get hurt with strings and rubber lines. Sponge toys come in the form of whales, stars, fish, and softballs.

Scratching toys like scratching posts are fun for felines and keep kitty from scratching the furniture. Some scratching posts come with hanging toys and catnip stations. Scratching items for cats come in many forms like pads, stand up scratcher, triple stand up scratchers, couch, wall mount, tray, double tray, and sleeper scratchers. Some of them have toys hidden in them.

There are many other cat toys that involve lures, rod and reels, mitts, mats, and rattles. There are many toys that involve feathers and these are called teasers, but the Humane Society recommends keeping feathers away from cats. Feathers are among objects they consider harmful as the cat may ingest them. With the variety of cat products on the market it is easy to find safe toys for your cat.


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