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July 18, 2020
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Grooming Your Cat - No More Hairballs!

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There are many products available for grooming your cat. If you haven't thought about cat grooming beyond brushing your cat consider this: there products for clipping kitty's claws, shampoo and conditioners, drying towels, tear stain remover, and freshening spray.

The claw trimmers are nail scissors and nail clippers. The shampoos meet different needs such as controlling shedding and hairballs, kill fleas and ticks, and controlling dandruff. Some shampoos are therapeutic and moisturize the skin and otherwise stop the itching caused by dry skin. Soap-less shampoo that is hypoallergenic, that has conditioner for the fur, increases hydration, and helps prevent scaly, flaky skin is available.

If you and your cat want eco-friendly shampoo, you can get it. Cat shampoo that is all natural, without phosphates and enzymes, biodegradable, made without cruelty to animals, and no toxins is available. It comes in different types so that hypoallergenic, dry, itchy skin, and fragrance free issues are addressed. You can purchase conditioners for your cat's coat frees tangles, relieves dry skin, and makes the coat shiny and soft. You can also get shampoo for cats with watercress, lavender, honey, orange, oatmeal, baking soda, or vanilla in it. They make tearless shampoo for kittens. There are special pet drying towels that are exceptionally absorbent.

The tearstain remover comes in powders, which go into the food or water, pads, and in solutions that are applied topically. These tearstain removers come in herbal and non-herbal forms. They take away the dark stains under the eyes.

The cat freshening spray takes tangles out of the fur, makes your cat smell nice, and conditions her coat, adding shine. There are different kinds of cat brushes: bristle brushes with handle, bristle brushes in oval shape that remind you of a shoe brush, and combo brushes that have different bristle types on each side. Wire brushes take out matted hair; remove tangles, and loose fur. You might like a cat comb instead. They come with grip handles and help remove tangles. Double sided combs are available.

If those aren't enough cat grooming products for you, consider the cat glove. One kind of cat grooming glove is made of rubber and it has little rubber tips that grab the loose fur. It can also be used to remove fur from furniture. Some grooming gloves can be used for brushing, bathing, massaging, and to clean the furniture and carpet.

Now are you brave enough to groom your nice kitty? If you are, then you have a slew of products to work with to make your wonderful feline friend as well groomed as possible. Brushing your cat will be the most fun part of grooming her. Many cats are playful when brushed and some will even twirl around in a low-sided box while being brushed. A good box for this is one that green peas or soft drinks are packaged in.

If you start grooming your cat when she is a kitten she will be easier to condition to the idea of being groomed.


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