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August 23, 2020
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Herbal Remedies Help Dogs Live A Longer And Healthier Life

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There are more dogs dealing with and living with cancer than there have ever been before. In fact, half of all dogs will deal with cancer at least once in their lifetime. As much as you want to help your pet rid himself of the disease, the traditional cancer treatment methods are not always something that most people can afford and they can often cause extra suffering for your pet.

Herbal supplements can help

Many people have found relief and treatment through the use of herbal supplements. By using herbal supplements they have seen a lowering of cancer symptoms and an improved quality of life for the dog. Obviously, you should not eschew traditional treatments, especially if you can afford them because they have been proven to work. Many people have found, though, that the use of herbal supplements in conjunction with traditional therapies has proven to be extra effective in the treatment of canine cancer.

Of course, choosing the right herbal supplement or treatment is not always easy.

One of the best herbal treatments you can give to your dog if he has cancer is an aloe vera treatment. The United States Department of Agriculture has officially licensed aloe vera use in conjunction with the treatment of cancer in dogs (and cats). Animals are able to receive injections of aloe vera, which can help their wounds heal faster. Aloe vera is almost completely free of toxicity and has been known to both reduce the inflammation and reduce the cholesterol levels that may increase as a side effect of radiation treatment. It has also been known to increase blood vessel production.

Omega 3's and a Fish oil supplement

Fish Oil has also been known to help dogs with cancer. Just a little bit of fish oil added to the dog's food has increased the energy level of the dogs, restored the shininess to the dog's coat and can even help your dog gain some weight, which will help in the fighting of the cancer. Many dog owners mix fish oil with cottage cheese, and say that the result is tremendous. Sometimes dogs will have an easier time going into remission with this fish oil and cottage cheese supplement.

Herb and Nutritonal supplements aid recovery

There are also herbal supplements that can be given to dogs to help them fight off cancer and build immune system strength. These are herbal supplement pills and contain a variety of ingredients to help the dogs fight off cancer. These herbs and supplements boost the dogs immune system which helps keep them strong enough to battle the cancer cells that are invading their bodies.

Don't let your pet suffer needlessly

Nobody wants their pet to suffer and everybody who has a suffering pet wants to find ways to help alleviate that suffering. Herbal supplements like the few mentioned in this article can go a great way to helping improve the quality of life for your dog. These herbal supplements not only increase your pets energy but they boost the immune system, help them heal faster, reduce inflammation and lessen the side effects of the cancer treatments. You can help your dog feel much better when you add herbal supplements to their diet.


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