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November 7, 2020
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Pet Medication and Preventative Care

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In these economic times, it is hard enough to have to worry about your own healthcare without having to think of your pets as well. However, it is important to protect your pets from health problems, as it is one of the things they rely on you for since it is not something they can take care of on their own. For example, your cat or dog can lick a wound to keep it clean, but they do not have access to something like heartworm or skin infection medication unless you give it to them!

There are a variety of ways in which you pets health can come under risk. There are common pet parasites like fleas and ticks and the different diseases which they can spread. Then there are the joint health, weight loss and shedding issues and circumstances associated with pets in their older years. With all this in mind, it is no small wonder that pet medication and preventative care can definitely be pretty costly. However, when you consider the alternative i.e., choosing not to protect your pet, medication is definitely the best answer.

Many people only become aware of these preventative medications after their pet gets sick, or when their pet is due for an annual check-up. This often results in potentially big vet bills as well as plenty of heartache for the owner. The key to keeping on top of your pets health and cut down on your out of pocket expenses is definitely making good use of protective medications in order to reduce unnecessary suffering for your pet.

You can find these medications at your veterinarian's office, but it is even more convenient these days to buy pet medications online. When buying pet medications online it is not required that your pet has a prescription and you get the added convenience of having the medication delivered directly to your door! More importantly, when cost is at an issue, you can often find excellent quality pet medications online for far less than what you would normally pay. Factors such as free shipping, online deals and special promotions often allow you to buy pet medications over the internet for a fraction of what your veterinarian would normally charge.

Topical Meds to Prevent and Treat Heartworm Infection

Topical medications used to prevent and treat heartworm infections are often the easiest option to use with your pet, especially if your cat or dog commonly resists swallowing pills. With topical medications you do not need to rub the medication over the entire body of your pet, but rather only need to dab a small amount on the animal's fur, preferably in a place they can't reach by licking. For both cats and dogs, this place usually just slightly underneath and between the ears.

Advantage Multi heartworm prevention and treatment medication is available for both dogs and cats. Each medication is a once-a-month topical application that protects pets from heartworm, and also treats against early stages of heartworm infection. Advantage Multi for Cats also protects pets against both fleas and mites.

Revolution heartworm medication also provides prevention and treatment for heartworms in both dogs and cats. Both medications are topical once-a-month treatments. Revolution for Dogs controlls fleas and ear mites in addition to heartworm infection, while Revolution for Cats kills adult fleas, flea eggs, ear mites, as well as heartworm infection.

Oral Meds to Prevent and Treat Heartworm Infection

For those pets that are willing and able to swallow pills, oral medications are the best way to administer medication. Most of the oral heartworm meds available these days have been specially formulated to be palatable to dogs and cats, so your pets will actually think they are getting a treat, instead of receiving medication!
  • Heartgard Chewables for Cats kills hookworms and prevents heartworm in cats. Most cats find the meaty flavor of this medication to be quite tasty!
  • Heartgard Plus for Dogs provides your canine friends with protection from heartworm infection, and also controls hookworm and roundworm parasites too.
  • Interceptor Flavor Tabs are suitable for both dogs and cats (just be sure that each pet receives an appropriate dose according to their weight) and will protect them against heartworm.
  • Iverhard Max is a chewable once-a-month heartworm protection medication for dogs. This formula provides protection against other parasites too.
  • Sentinel Flavor Tabs are administered once a month and protect against fleas, heartworm, and other worms, in puppies as well as adult dogs.
Household pets, cats and dogs in particular, are such an integral part of American families that it only makes sense to provide them with the health protection they need and have come to rely on you for. In doing so, not only does your pet greatly benefit from preventing diseases before they occur but your family does as well.


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